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Two days passed and Jonah was bored, he couldn't do anything other than go to class then back to his cabin to rest, he wanted to go out and practice sword fighting or do anything other than lay in bed, Celeste wouldn't let him do anything though and he was beggining to resent her, it was pretty early morning the next day before Jonah finally got to leave his room, he knew he wasn't at full health, not even close but he couldn't stand the boredom anymore, he silently climbed out the bed he had been sharing with Celeste, put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed his sword and quickly left the cabin hoping he hadn't made a noise, seeing as nobody bothered him on his walk down to the battlefield so he assumed he was in the clear, a few minutes of practicing and he was worn out pretty bad, he was about to call it a day and go back to his cabin when he heard a noise behind him, he turned around only to have a sword shoved under his chin, he tryed to back away but an invisible force seemed to hold him in place, looking up at the person holding the sword caused him to get his second wind, this guy was dressed in all black and radiated a dark aura, his sword was made from a combination of bone and stygian iron, looking at his face Jonah saw an evil smile flicker across the persons face

Jonah:- “Lucifer!”

He tried to raise his own sword to defend but was knocked down by an invisible force, he fell face down in the dirt and nearly pierced himself with his own sword, when he looked up the person was gone and he was alone again, deciding it was just his imagination he decided he needed to rest and headed back to his cabin, he tryed to quietly enter but ended up slamming the door causing Celeste to wake up in the process, upon seeing Jonah out of bed and dressed with his sword by his side she knew he had been out practicing

Celeste:- “Jonah! what do you think your doing, why aren't you in bed resting like the doctor told you to”

Jonah:- “Because i don't need to anymore, i'm fine”

Celeste:- “No your not Jonah, you need to rest, now get back in bed before i come over there, drag you to the bed and tie you down”

Jonah didn't need to be told twice, he took his t-shirt and jeans off and walked back towards his bed, he knew he was tired but didn't want to show it even though he knew Celeste would figure out she was right very quickly, he was asleep before his head hit the pillow which was fine by Celeste, she pulled the quilt over both of them before she snuggled up to jonah

Celeste:- “Sometimes i wish you would just do what is good for you, wish you would listen to people when they are trying to help you, guess your not like that though, oh well goodnight sweetheart”

With that she closed her eye's and fell asleep cuddled up to jonah . Don't know”

She was almost on the verge of tears again, through everything she had forgotten to check if he even had a pulse, the most obvious thing to do and she had completely forgot about it, she was just so happy yet in complete shock about finding Jonah that the thought never occured to her, was he alive

Aditi:- “Quick, move aside, i'll check”

He didn't wait for Celeste to protest, he softly pulled her away from Jonah and knelt down over him, he grabbed his right arm and softly layed two fingers across his wrist, he felt what he only hoped was a very weak pulse, deciding it might not be enough he layed one hand over his heart and felt for a heartbeat, all the camp just stared on as Aditi checked for a pulse or any sign of life, it seemed like a lifetime passed before Aditi stood up and moved to face everyone

Aditi:- “Get a doctor NOW!”

A few campers scrambled off running towards the infirmary, a few minutes later they had returned with the camp doctor, as soon as he saw the problem he ran back to the infirmary and returned just as quick with a medical kit and a stethoscope

Doctor:- “Everyone move, let me to him”

Everyone did as they were told and pretty soon the doctor was checking everything he could, examining every part of him to see if he could find the reason for him been like he was to some avail, nobody had seemed to notice the blood coming from his chest other than the doctor

Doctor:- “Anybody know what happened to him”

Aditi:- “He came back from the dead”

Doctor:- “He what, i'm not sure i can cure that but that wasn't what i was wondering, just wondering because of all the blood”

Aditi/Celeste:- “What blood” they both asked in unison

Both looked down and noticed that where the knife had been removed the day jonah had died seemed to be spilling blood, it was as if the wound was fresh, as if the knife had just been pulled out of Jonah

Celeste:- “But that's not possible, he was stabbed almost two weeks ago”

Doctor:- “Stabbed, why didn't anybody tell me that, we need to get him to the infirmary right now”

Celeste:- “But it happened nearly two weeks ago, he died from it”

Doctor:- “Two minor problems with that, the first one is that he is alive, the second one is that the wound is fresh as if it's just been done, now is anyone going to help me”

Campers still stood frozen from shock, nobody seemed to be registering the doctors question, he was asking for help and nobody seemed to want to give him it, it took a few minutes to register in people's mind's what had just been asked but by then the doctor had managed to lift Jonah and begin dragging him towards the infirmary, seeing the doctor struggling to help their friend brought most campers out of their shocked state, a few ran over to help but soon moved out the way as Aditi himself rushed to the doctors side, he wrapped an arm round Jonah and quickly helped rish him to the infirmary
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