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“Come along with me, Baker” prison guard Burt Ives ordered, “the new warden wants to see you in her office, pronto, so let's step on it!!!” Stu Baker put down the piece of sheet metal he was forming and asked as they began to walk down a long corridor, “Am I in some sort of trouble, I've never even met the new warden!?!” “Not that I know of, Baker,” the guard replied curtly, “now just shut your mouth and you'll find out soon enough!!!” “Christ alive,” Stuart thought to himself, “what the fuck could she want with me, I'm on schedule to be paroled in less than a year, I hope this dumb fuckin' cunt doesn't screw it up for me!!!” A few minutes later they were standing in the outer office of Warden Caitlyn Waters, the first female warden of a men's prison in the state!!! Burt Ives handed the secretary the necessary paper work and offered, “Inmate Baker to see the warden, ma'am, I just brought him up from the metal shop!!!” After scanning the work release from, the secretary hit a switch on her intercom and said, “Stuart Baker is here to see you, Warden, should I have him wait or come right in!?!” The secretary handed the paper work back to Ives and said, “Go right on in, the warden is expecting you!!!” As the two men entered the large well appointed office, Stu was a little bit surprised at the attractiveness of Caitlyn Waters, and he hoped against all hope that her disposition would be as pleasant as she looked!!! The warden was sitting behind her large oak desk going over some reports, and it took several seconds for her to even acknowledge their presence, until she finally looking up over the top of her wire rimmed glasses she said, “That will be all Officer Ives, you can wait outside until my meeting with inmate Baker is over!!!” Burt Ives looked back and forth between the warden and Stu before saying doubtfully, “now wait a minute, Warden Waters, I don't think that it's a good idea to leave you alone with an inmate!!!” “What are you worried about,” the warden retorted, “you'll be right outside the door and Mr [Full Hd] Sabrina doing.
Dois Cuzinhos e Uma Cama Cheia de Tesão!!! (10 min) 1

Dois Cuzinhos e Uma Cama Cheia de Tesão!!! (10 min)

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Dois Cuzinhos e Uma Cama Cheia de Tesão!!! (10 min) 2

Dois Cuzinhos e Uma Cama Cheia de Tesão!!! (10 min)

“Hey you,” I called out suddenly, as he turned with a slightly shocked look on his face, Click here. As I undid the last button, I slid it off of my shoulders and allowed it to fall onto the floor

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