Mmm 100 – You wanna fuck my wife ? (28 min) 1080p HD


I looked my beautiful older cousin in the eyes and she read my mind Asian Street Meat –.

“But you’re so cute, and you have a big cock
Mmm 100 - You wanna fuck my wife ? (28 min) 1

Mmm 100 – You wanna fuck my wife ? (28 min)

She had never thought of herself as a dancer but apparently could dance without stepping on his feet too much, The sound of the back door opening caught her attention

Mmm 100 - You wanna fuck my wife ? (28 min) 2

Mmm 100 – You wanna fuck my wife ? (28 min)

Me: Put your arms around my neck baby and i will carry you to your bed

Amy: Ok mum but can i sleep in your bed with you please i don’t want to be alone tonight

Me: Yes Amy you can sleep with me tonight i love you baby

Amy: I love you to mum thank you for a wonderful night

Me: your welcome my baby i love you too

I lay her down on the bed and she keeps her arms around me as i lower her down onto the bed then she pulls me closer

Amy: Kiss me please Mum

I lean down and give her a gentle loving kiss, Click here.

Me: Now Amy open your legs and i will teach you how to feel good, Amy opens her legs and i lower mine to touch her legs and i move my hands up towards her pussy as i gently touch her clit Amy jumps little

Amy: Wow Mum that felt great what was that?

Me: That was your clit

Amy: My clit

Me: Yes Amy your clit or clitoris is another name for it, it is a little bump at the top of your pussy that when touched feels really good

Amy: it did feel great mum do it again please

I touch Amy’s clit again and she moans so i continue to play with her clit as i slowly push 1 finger into her pussy suddenly i hit her hymen,

Amy: Ouch mum what was that?

Me: That’s your hymen or cherry Honey

Amy: My Cherry

Me: Yes Amy your cherry it’s a layer of skin that breaks when you have sex for the first time that’s why the saying is popping your cherry and of course there are guys out there who will only want you for your virginity aka your hymen/cherry and they are called cherry poppers who only want you once just to pop your cherry and claim another one some girls out there don’t care who is their first but please make sure you give it to someone who loves you and that you love them also make sure they are the right person you want to be able to have an amazing time with that person

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