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I knew she shaved, and had offered to help her with it once, but got only a playful slap in return Pure XXX Films – Hot.

She was stretched out on the sheets now, completely naked, lying on her side with her head propped up on her elbow
Sexy Hub - DaneJones Sexy brunette eagerly sucks and fucks (12 min) 1

Sexy Hub – DaneJones Sexy brunette eagerly sucks and fucks (12 min)

She pulled her feet, bending her knees, letting the blood flow back to them, relieving the muscles, He did warn me she likes to take control, not quite sure what he meant by that, or how he’d know

Sexy Hub - DaneJones Sexy brunette eagerly sucks and fucks (12 min) 2

Sexy Hub – DaneJones Sexy brunette eagerly sucks and fucks (12 min)

Now I can only assume you are wondering who I am and what I am going on about, Well, Let's just say i've been told I have to tell you people how I came about living at this camp, Yes I do live at a camp, Used to live in a nice three story house but not anymore, Thats old news, Been living at this camp for what seems to feel like a millenium even though I guess at this exact time it will be six months, Maybe give or take a few days

Alice:- *Will you get on with the story*

Ahh that there is one of my closest friends, Her name is Alice but thats not important at this moment in time, There will be plenty of time for you to meet her later, Now I best get on with it before she comes over here and takes over

Alice:- *So tempting, I would atleast narrate a better story*

Okay let us just ignore her for the mean time, Let us begin with who I am shall we, Well my name is Jason Reed, I am currently sixteen and of course by now you know I am living at this camp, What else would you people like to know about me

Alice:- *Why don't you describe yourself or would you like me to do it for you*

Me:- *Okay okay i'll do it*

Okay so before Alice try's to do anything I best tell you a little about myself, I'm currently single *hint hint*

Alice:- *Don't think anybody cares about that*

Yeah she can be rude, Anyways let's give you a little information on me, I stand around five foot eight inch, I have dark brown hair with eyes to match, Yes that does mean I have dark brown eyes, Don't think I could tell you much else, Well to be fair what else is there to tell

Alice:- *Could tell them how super in shape you are*

Sorry folks if you would just hold on one second, I feel I may need to carry on this story in private, I might actually be able to get something done, Oh and just for the record I am not super in shape, I just enjoy doing a lot of running to keep fit that's all

Alice:- *Hey where you going, Come back here*

(Five minutes later)

Sorry about that folks, I think for the time beign I might get some peace and quiet to carry on with this story, Thought it would be better to try do this in my cabin, Atleast in here there will be no interruptions I hope, Anyways where was I, Oh yeah describing myself, Think it may be time to forget about doing that for a while and begin at the beggining, Maybe tell you how I wound up living at this camp (Camp Karma), Yeah yeah I know it's such a lame name but all in all the camp aint half bad but i'll get to that later, I guess for now it's time to begin at the beggining, Let's go back to where this all began, 45am, Yeah just great why can't I be like Matt over there and sleep the day away, If only my life was that simple, Sleep away the days and just enjoy myself, If only

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