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i moved down to his balls entrancing them with my tongue , held his dick in my hand and jacked him , i then started to suck him off again and jack him at the same time he was moaning ” im going to cuuummmmmmmmmm” he came all over my face and my hair streams and streams of cum flowed out of him i undid my belt and took off my jeans i was going commando today my dick was hard as fuck and i rubbed the cum from my face and his body and lathered my dick up i pulled him on the floor his back resting on the carpet steps and i lifted his legs up over my shoulders his feet resting on my back i starting rimming him and fingering him at the same time “yeah finger that ass nate it feels good ” “i was sucking and finger fucking like it was a pussy and it felt like one too nice and warm and wet this boy was turning me on Anal Vids Teens – 3on3. i spit on my hand and started stroking my dick making the cum wet again i then moved up i was face to face with matt i guiding my condom free dick to his butt and it went in without struggle “oh myyyy goddd” matt said i was thinking the same thing , this time it was not uncomfortably tight but tight and great and wet “oh yeah give me that fucking ass ” i said “yeah take it Nathan take it ” he said this was more then fucking to me i stopped then pulled out “what are you doing ” he said i stood up and grabbed his hand he stood up we walked hand and hand to my room i took him to my bed and pulled the covers we got in and i pulled the covers over us and we assumed the same position we were doing on the stair case this time i took it slow we were just staring at each other as i was plowing his ass i was touching his face he was caressing my back i thought to myself “this must be what making love feels like ” i kissed him he engulfed me with his tongue this felt too magical then it happened i came inside of him
I stayed there until my dick was soft then i rolled over on my side facing the window that engulfed my room with sunlight matt was shaking I turned over and took him in my arms he calmed down “I have an idea “ I said , I left out and five minutes later I came back with two plates of lasagna “dinner in bed “ matt smiled at me , we ate and tossed the plates to the side and we feel asleep

I had awaken in nathans arm I sliped from under him and got dressed I saw it was getting late outside I left out his room andwalkeddown the long hall way ihadent notice this before but it seem as if he had the only room in this hall it was brightly lite and the marble on the floor shined I was sort of ashamed that he had gone to myhouse and the most luxary things we had was a plasma and cherry wood floors he had a mansion a ten star kitchen a living room the size of a library and his room was three times the size of mine I was falling for this boy

It had been two weeks since i had been with Nathan he had gone up to the mountains to ski with his friends and amber and I was here with my boring family I decided to go to Joe’s for there buffalo wingsand maybe a beer if my fake I
The Habib Show - Sex Tape She Salty Girl Marryaslut Stunning In The Motel 1

The Habib Show – Sex Tape She Salty Girl Marryaslut Stunning In The Motel

She flowed her tongue all around as i slid more and more into her as she continued to suck, She looked at me then her eyes rivited to my erection

The Habib Show - Sex Tape She Salty Girl Marryaslut Stunning In The Motel 2

The Habib Show – Sex Tape She Salty Girl Marryaslut Stunning In The Motel

Me and my cousins were always best friends and i will admit i have Jacked Off to my cousins Before I love them so much in a non sexual way, Click here.

The only problem was nobody lost there virginity and i was still hard

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